Wednesday 11 September 2013

call for extreme penalty against the rarest of the rare crime---Gurudas Dasgupta

The fast track court in Saket has found all the four remaining accused who have perpetrated unprecedented brutality on a young lady and then killed here to be guilty. The court should consider pronouncing capital punishment. The description of barbarism that is there in the judgement calls for extreme penalty. While deeply condemning the action of ruthlessness and expressing deep sympathy with the family and calling up on the younger generation to unleash undaunted fight against increasing assaults on women, I also convey my deep feeling of sympathy with the boyfriend who had risked his life to protect his companion. Let us not forget his courage and valour. His role not only needs to be applauded but the society should record its deep appreciation for a young man who had taken the gave most risk of losing his life to fight the hooligans and protect his girlfriend. It seems the society has forgotten this young man. Once again, I call for extreme penalty against the rarest of the rare crime and remember the girl for her bravery.
Gurudas Das Gupta

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