Thursday 27 April 2017

Lets say! Red salute! to Comrade A B Bhardhan ------ Arvind Raj Swarup Cpi

Arvind Raj Swarup Cpi
Lets say! Red salute! to Comrade A B Bhardhan
Daughter, Son Handover
Com A B Bardhan’s Savings to Party
Daughter Dr Alka Barua and son Ashok Bardhan of former general secretary of the Communist Party of India and a veteran communist and trade union leader of the country Com A B Bardhan handed over the savings of their father to party. A letter along with a cheque for Rs 11 lakh drawn in favour of the Party and Rs 1 lakh drawn in favour of the Joshi-Adhikari Institute were sent to party general secretary S Sudhakar Reddy.
After receiving the cheque and the letter which assured to send some more savings of Com Bardhan later, Sudhakar Reddy in his letter sent on April 20, 2017 to Dr Alka Barua acknowledging receipt of both, and profusely thanked them for continuing support from Com Bardhan’s family for the party. The general secretary made it clear that the money received will be deposited in a fund dedicated to the memory of Com A B Bardhan and the interest getting accrued would be used to hold endowment lectures and political schools in memory of Com Bardhan.

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