Friday 29 November 2013

Comrade Chandeshwari 's demise is the great loss to cpi---Satyaprakash Gupta

कॉमरेड चन्दश्वेरी

November 10

कॉमरेड चन्दश्वेरी जैसे नेता जो जीवन भर संघर्ष के रास्ते डटे रहे-लड़ते रहे, एटक-जनसेवा दल-नौजवान फ्रंट पर एक साथ सक्रिय हो सारे संगठनों को जनता के पक्ष में खड़े करने की लगातार कोशिश की का एकाएक उठ कर चले जाना हम सबके लिए भारी क्षति है।
वो भले न हों उनके सपने हजारों नौजवानों की आँखों में हमेशा जिन्दा रहेंगे. कॉमरेड चन्देश्वरी को लाल सलाम...
red salute red salute to comrade

Comrade Chandeshwari is no more. He was a National Secretary of AITUC but he was equally working on each and every mass and cultural organizations of CPI. He was a true Communist, fighting against feudo-capitalism for making world better for survival. He remained a revolutionary vanguard of student-youth-working class.

I, personally, feel deserted because I kept working in AISF in Begusarai under his logical advice. He taught me to fight against evil thoughts and he taught me to fight with him also on certain issues if I do not agree. And I took initiative and people said to me that I was a soft-spoken person but I took a firm descision , position and stand if question of ideology, corny issues of the society emerged. And I have learnt it from comrade Chandeshwari. He encouraged me to be a student leader in AISF. I and his village BIHAT are one KM apart. He had some sort of Charishma in his speech and I used to compare him with the persona of Comrade Lenin. Resemblance can be observed between two great comrades. During my days, Communist party of India was to be in action in all sphere of lives in Begusarai from movement to the marriage to the festivals. Comrade Chandeshwari led these all movements in a Communist fashion.

I remember,Communist Party of India organized a widow marriages of upper castes. The sixteen years old widows onwards fetched attention of citizens of districts and Bihar and feudal uproar and intimidation cropped up against CPI but comrades Chandeshwari had organized a red force barricade of ten thosand gathering of men and women in the marriage ceremony at G.D. College and many young widows had gone under nuptial knots and they have now been in relation, away from feudal shackles. This kind of marriages kept taking place under his leadership. He was such a charming person who can sense the pathos of young widows.

I am now a state of " you were there" Flash Back. Comrade Chandeshwari studied a lot of Marxist literature. He remained a person of determination and he was obedient of CPI for his life. In North India, CPI faced a setback during Mandal Commission agitation even after CPI supported it fully alongwith bringing out procession in favour of it and Comrade Chandeshawri led this agitation and struggle against anti-Mandalites. IPTA fascinated him a lot and that's why, he used to be involved in organizing cultural programmes under IPTA.Begusari IPTA has been popular in revolutionary singing and plays because of him.He organized sports like Volley Ball and Kabaddi from village to state levels.

I have seen him roaring at mammoth gathering of working class under the banner of AITUC.
Comrade Chandeshwari remained victim of corny capitalism and he used to be in jail in false and fabricated cases but every time, he bolted out from jail and started working as a true cadre of Communist Party. Begusarai had given a series of communist leaders like Comrade Chandrashekhar,Comrade Surynarayan Singh, Comrade Sitaram Mishra and Comrade Rameshwar to Bihar but they are no more. These comrades were assaualted upon many times in their lives and they kept fighting against corny system of Feudal-casteist-capitlist society of India.

Comrade Chandeshwari had profound influence of the biography l of comrade Valdimir Illiach Lenin.He used to lead the red youth brigade and he lived a life of revolutionary. Comrade Chandeshwari delivered a beautiful speech on his journey of Soviet Union and German Democratic Republic in AISF, AIYF and communists gatherings.

He was a protagonist. His Communist revolutionary persona was the product of dialectical materialism " Quantity leads quality" and he rose to National Secretary of AITUC.

I feel disturbed and distraught at demise of his sudden death.I mourn, I weep with shedding tears for him. He should not have left the world so soon. However, his revolutionary fervor,his youth scintillation and chiseled Marxist thoughts,movements, roaring speech against feudalism and capitalism will be blazing,burning in the hearts of youths, students and toiling mass of Begusarai, Bihar and India for making the world scientific socialism. Chandeshwari was an earnest need of contemporary political situation of India but alas ! he is no more.
This is the great loss to cpi, working class and youths .I will try my best to emerge from heart-wrenching grief and I will be getting inspiration from his thoughts and actions.

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