Friday 29 November 2013

Strong public opinion is the only remedy.. ...Gurudas Dasgupta

The controversy around Tarun Tejpal is shameful. It tarnishes the image of the whole profession particularly at the top. It is by holding out allurements of promotions and postings in sensitive areas that criminality is sought to be perpetrated. Tejpal is not the only villain. The number is not few. There are many untold stories. Those who are supposed to expose illegality are themselves committing illegitimacy. If a vigilant survey is done many skeletons will tumble out of the cupboard. Just like any other important profession, corporate hierarchy, and bureaucracy and in the corridors of power, the unknown characters not identified but known to be committing illegitimacy can be found out. The political leaders are not free from same evil. Moral values must not be allowed to be diluted. Strong public opinion is the only remedy.
Anyone who commits criminality must be punished. Law should take its own course. Position and power and wealth cannot hold back the arm of justice extending to the right place. But most of the people are honest, most of the journalists are honest, therefore, we should not believe that we are living in a world of villains. In the bureaucracy, in the medical profession, even in politics there are a large number of people who are not tainted.
Let us not lost faith in the wisdom and the sagacity of the humanity particularly of the society we are living in. Optimism not the cynicism shall generate the counter reaction to all the menace and evils.

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