Friday 8 January 2016

Anti-fascism and a free society : M.N.Roy ------ N.d. Pancholi

Anti-fascism and a free society
“…..We (the ‘radicals’) stand for a thorough reconstruction of the national life. Our political objective is the establishment of democratic freedom which will mean effective political power for the people. We strive not only for national freedom, but also for the social emancipation of the toiling masses. Our task is to spread enlightenment which will dispel obscurantism in the political and the spiritual life of the country. We advocate modernism in every walk of life against revivalism. We want the disinherited to come to their own and enjoy the richness and fullness of life on this earth. We want man to be the master of the world and the maker of his destiny.
…………….. Fascism stands for the destruction of the political, social and cultural ideals of democracy… The war against Fascism can be won only by rousing in the people their urge for freer and fuller life. The supreme task of our movement is to develop that urge, and …………. to lay securely the foundations of a free society which is not only free of foreign rule, but also free of native tyranny, exploitation and injustice.
M.N.Roy -1942


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रविश कुमार ने जब बोलना शुरू किया तो हर आदमी सोचने पर मजबूर हो गया | ये सच सिर्फ़ एक ईमानदार आदमी की ज़बान से ही निकल सकता है
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