Wednesday 4 May 2016

Red Salute to both A K Hangal and Vijay Hangal. – Shameem Faizee

Janardanan R Kunnathoor
03 May,2016  
Hangals Donate Rs. One lakh to CPI
Wellknown film artist Com. A K Hangal was with the party from his student life in Peshawar, now in Pakistan. He was basically a tailor, but after migration to Mumbai, he started taking interest in theatre activities and later joined Indian People’s Theatre Association (IPTA) and was its national president at the time of his death.
A K Hangal and his son Vijay Hangal both joined the film industry, the later was a cameraman. Both were dedicated to people’s cause, hence never ever bothered about money. They lived in rented house of one room each.
In the last days of A K Hangal, he was financially helped by friends and admirers including number of party cadres. When he died, some money was left which he gave to his son Vijay.
Vijay also died soon, but left a will. A few days back, his lawyer Kamal Deep Singh Sethi telephoned to me to say that Vijay has willed that one lakh rupees be given to the CPI headquarters. He wanted the bank account details which I sent him.
Last week Kamal Deep Singh Sethi transferred Rs. One Lakh to the CPI account.
We thank Kamal and Red Salute to both A K Hangal and Vijay Hangal.
– Shameem Faizee

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