Wednesday 1 January 2014

Welcome to 2014---Gurudas Dasgupta


Welcome to 2014. Let it be a good year; let there be good harvest; let there be less commotion; let there be no riots like Muzaffarnagar; let the atrocities on women come down; let the people have a better life; let there be decline in high prices; let there be less misery among the working people; let there be no suicides by peasants; let there be more jobs; let there be fulfillment of dreams of the younger people; let the country find out effective measures to fight corruption; let there be decline in social atrocities; let there be a more active role of the people on the street; let the country vote for a new government committed to fight corruption not in words but in deeds; let there be a government free from communal bias; let there be a new government to fight violence and social anarchy.
MY GREETINGS TO ALL; MY BEST WISHES TO ALL. Let us together fight for a better life.

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