Monday 2 December 2013

Governments one after another are running away from Parliament---Gurudas Dasgupta

Winter Session of Parliament is scheduled from 5th December and likely to continue till 20th. It is a very short Session. With the introduction of the new Constitution, Parliament used to meet for more than 100 days, even 120 days. During the Sessions, even the Prime Minister Nehru never used to go abroad and Ministers were asked to attend Parliament, answer the questions and to be attentive toward opposition. That is what Nehru said. Today Parliament Session has been curtailed. It is almost 60 to 70 days. Ever since I joined Parliament I fought for 100 days Session. Even I had raised the matter in the House and raised in the House and moved a Private Member's Resolution for necessary amendment of the Constitution to make it obligatory for 100 days Parliament Session every year. Unfortunately, the Government did not respond. Governments one after another are running away from Parliament. Questions are not answered, opposition's suggestions are ignored, whatever assurance is given is violated by the Government and it is the same for all parties. Unfortunately, shortening of the Sessions of Parliament, lack of responsiveness of the government towards opposition's views and incomplete answers, Ministers going abroad during Parliament Session,not excluding the Prime Minister, are making the Parliament redundant. This is a great danger. I repeat that in the ensuing Session, I shall move an adjournment motion on the first day asking the government to clarify what it has done on food price inflation, why it is unabated. Government cannot escape its responsibility. If the adjournment motion is not accepted, there is bound to be uproar. Price rise is the single biggest issue today. Parliament must discuss it as the first item during Session.

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